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Mrs. Rivera is conducting virtual mediations at this time. Review calendar below for available dates and times for Mediation Sessions.  Download  the Mediation Request Form and email the completed form to The MGR Law firm at to confirm existing availability. We strongly suggest emailing us with at least two proposed dates in order of preference. We will do our best to accommodate you.


If you are unable to download or complete the form, pleas email us the following information to The MGR Law firm at to confirm existing availability:  Case number, Case type, State (FL or CO), County  Case located, Name and Contact information for the Parties and Attorneys,  issues to be Mediated,  two to three preferred available mediation dates, and the length of Mediation being requested. Upon receipt of your email, someone from the MGR team will contact you. 


The cost of mediation is $150 per party for the first 2 (two) hours of  the first mediation. This is a 2-hour minimum fee. If you wish to reserve more than 2 hours, please specify such in the form.  Fees for review of Pre-Mediation Statements and documents may apply.  For more information contact The MGR Law Firm, PLLC. 

*Exceptions may be made for in-person Mediations. 

$150 per party for the first 2 hours of the first mediation and  

$100  per hour per party thereafter

Check Availability Below 

Attorney Contract Services


*For Solo practitioners and Law Firms

Pricing for these services depend on the unique circumstances of the services to be provided and after a consultation to better understand your needs. 

$50-200 per hour

(*Project and Services based) 


The MGR Law Firm is here to address any questions you may have regarding our services with a 15 minute free consultation. These consultations are limited to brief calls regarding general inquiry on "Mediation Services and Attorney Contract Services" only.  For all other inquiry please contact via email or phone call.

$0 (limited to 15 minutes) 

Contact us to get started via phone, email, or online. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. 

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