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What Our Clients Say

Posted by Danny | 

The Amalbert’s

I have to say that Marivette is the most amazing woman to ever grace a family law court room she’s firm she’s talented she’s attentive she’s caring she’s warm she’s aggressive (in court rooms) and she loves her clientes and she has gone above and beyond. When it came to representing a single father and fighting for his rights. She was the only attorney I was going to allow to represent me. She was able to make sure I was able to be in my daughters life and continue to be an active father in her life. I made the best decision in life to hire her when I saw her accolades in her office and on her wall she had a plaque and it read VP for fathers rights in the state of Florida I believe it was like acknowledgment plague she had. Let me ask you when u think of hiring her … Has a Latina ever lost an argument ??? I think not … Hence the reason why we went to court and we were victorious, and I was able to get my daughter back in my arms We thank you and love you for getting our baby back to us.

Posted by Sibil | 

Mrs.Gonzalez was an outstanding lawyer. She went above and beyond with her counsel and representation on my case. I came to her overwhelmed and scared after 1 meeting left with the guidance I was desperately looking for. At every turn Mrs. Gonzales was there. She is a lawyer that makes sure your heard, guided and fights for your best interests.

Posted by Lorena | 


I don't even have the words to define lawyer Marivette González. She is an exceptional, professional, integral, fair woman with a huge heart. The work is impeccable and your performance as a lawyer shows. It has helped me a lot in my difficult situation for me and my children. I definitely recommend her with my eyes closed because I am certain that they are in good hands with the impeccable lawyer Marivette!

Posted by Erick | 

Exceptional Attorney!!!

Marivette is an exceptional attorney. She helped me through a rough divorce and went above and beyond to ease my concerns throughout the process. Her knowledge of the law and ability to communicate the relevant aspects to me provided an assurance of trustworthiness that I had the right attorney. I would highly recommend her to any family and friends, you are definitely in good hands with Marivette!

Posted by Maria | 

Fair, honest, and trustworthy

Getting a divorce is extremely difficult. Having an attorney my your side that is looking out for your best interest and the best interest of your child is a huge asset. You are emotional during that time . Marivette was focused and honest throughout the entire process. She told me what was going to happen next. She advised me on the best possible outcomes. She had my best interest at heart along with the best interest of my child during this process. She understands the laws thoroughly and her experience and compassion and knowledge shine through.

Posted by Marbelys | 

A great lawyer and person!

A few years ago, Attorney Marivette Gonzalez handled my guardianship case for my two daughters; It was complicated, but the lawyer Marivette always had good strategies and she was always very humane and empathic with me. I followed her advice and today I have a good and beautiful relationship with my daughters. Thank you Marivette González. Very grateful to you.

Posted by Tiffany | 

The Attorney that Cares

I had a pressing post divorce concern. Marivette returned my call after business hours, and answered my questions. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field.

Posted by Melissa | 

Excellent Lawyer

Cuando conocí por primera vez a la abogada Marivette González me di cuenta de su amplio conocimiento en casos de familia y lo más importante es que te da expectativas reales. Siempre mantuvo comunicación directa conmigo y me llevó de la mano en todo el proceso. Me ayudó a que yo me pudiera concentrar en mis hijas al saber que una buena abogada estaba trabajando en mi caso. Estoy muy agradecida por su amabilidad y profesionalismo.

Posted by Jenn |

I recommend Attorney Marivette Gonzalez 100%. You would no be disappointed . I grantee you that.

Words cannot express how great full I am of Attorney Marivette Gonzalez and her team. Her professionalism, expertise and years of experience got me through such a difficult case. But honestly what impress me the most was her transparency and being straight forward with me at all times. I thank Marivette Gonzalez and MGR LAW FIRM for from the very deep of my heart, and I will definitely hire her again if I would need legal representation.

Posted by Kari | 

Relocation Agreement

The lawyer marivette Gonzalez was very comprehensive and professional with my case. She resolved my case fast and efficiently. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Posted by Chamiyo De Lille | 

Forever Greatful!!

Attorney Marivette Gonzalez was hardworking, persistent and knowledgeable She fought for me with great intellect and vigor. Because of that I was able to get a very Fair and positive outcome. I came to Attorney Marivette Gonzalez at a very difficult time in my Life, picking up the peaces after a separation and fighting to keep my 4 Children in my custody. With her guidance I was able to do just that, now at the end my case my children are able to stay with me. I could not ask for better resolution to a difficult situation. Thank you so much to Attorney Marivette Gonzalez and the whole MGR firm Thank for all you have done.

Posted by Benita 

Very professional and Excellent Attorney

Attorney Gonzalez has been very professional and has done an excellent job on my case. She provided me with a very thorough consultation at the beginning of my case that was very easy for me to understand and follow and has kept true to her word during my entire case. On many occasions when I was ignorant to the law or allowed my emotions to govern my actions, Attorney Gonzalez took the time to explain the process and to help me to understand and make the correct decisions. She ensured that I felt included in every and all decisions regarding my case and I felt confident that if I needed her for an emergency, I am able to reach her and she is always available. Her office staff is very friendly and willing to help in any and every way possible, always. Attorney Gonzalez is definitely knowledgeable and up to date in her area of practice which is very evident when she appears in court and presents against her colleagues. I have been with Attorney Gonzalez now for 3 years because of the dynamics of my case and she and her staff has always made me feel as if I am her most important client. I am confident that without her handling my legal matter, I would be dealing with a much different and unpleasant outcome.


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A mi me gusta cuando las personas ayudan a uno y estan pendiente.

Blanca Iris Gonzalez Jimenez (1946- 2020) 

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