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Family law consists of legal responsibilities between individuals who share a domestic relationship. However, individual family law matters affect entire families and all those around us. Mrs. Rivera has had the honor of representing people for more than a decade in their very important family matter. She has represented married and unmarried parties, grandparents, step-parents, same sex parties, business owners, mothers, fathers, siblings, low income people, high net worth people, domestic violence victims, falsely accused perpetrators, and many more. 


Family law matters can become physically and emotionally difficult to deal with. During Mrs. Rivera's years of experience and having represented hundreds of families, she has found that most people are able to come to a resolution when in the right environment such as mediation. During the mediation process the parties have an opportunity to address the issues, listen to each other, and determine was is the best resolution for them .  


Marivette G. Rivera is a State of Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator as well as an experienced bilingual family law attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida and Colorado. However, as a mediator, Mrs. Rivera, is not the Attorney for either party. She takes off her attorney hat and is a neutral third person. She is not there to pass judgment on the parties. With her family law experience and mediation training she helps facilitate the negotiations and creates a respectful atmosphere to allow the parties to reach the best possible outcome as a disinterested and unbiased third party during a mediation. She helps the parties create solutions to the issue that are agreeable to all parties involved. The mediation process gives the parties themselves control rather than a lawyer or judge. It allows the parties to create a solution that works best for them and their family rather than letting someone else, like a lawyer or judge. In mediation each party is empowered and encouraged to express his or her concerns so that all perspectives are taken into account to reach an optimal solution for all under the circumstances.

Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third person called a mediator acts to encourage and facilitate the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties. It is an informal and non-adversarial process with the objective of helping the disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement. In mediation, decision making authority rests with the parties. The role of the mediator includes, but is not limited to, assisting the parties in identifying issues, fostering joint problem solving, and exploring settlement alternatives.

Avoid the uncertainty of the court decisions and consider some of the Benefits of Mediation:  

  • Creativity 

  • Convenience

  • Confidentiality

  • Cost and Efficiency

  • Cooperative Approach 

  • Control of Agreement terms

  • Communicate with the assistance of  a neutral person facilitating the conversation.

The MGR Law Firm, PLLC is here to help mediate matters involving the following family law matters. 

  • Divorce

  • Paternity 

  • Alimony

  • Asset and Debt Distribution

  • Child Custody & Visitation

  • Child Support 

  • Child Relocation 

  • Complex Property Issues  

  • Contempt & Enforcement  

  • Domestic Violence 

  • Equitable Distribution (Asset & Debt Distribution) 

  • Extended Family Members and Custody 

  • Grandparent’s Rights  

  • Mediation 

  • Modification of Orders

  • Name Change (Minor & Adult name changes) 

  • Parental Rights / Decision Making

  • Parenting Plans

  • Property Characterization, Valuation or Division

  • Relocation

  • Registration and Modification of Foreign Decrees

  • Same Sex Divorce and Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships

  • Separation Agreement

  • Stepparent Adoptions

  • Timesharing Plans

  • Unwed Parent Rights

Conference Room



Mrs. Rivera is currently conducting remote mediations via Zoom. Mediations are reserved in four (4) hours slots for morning  or afternoon sessions. If you wish to reserve more than (4) hours or all day (8-hour time slot), please let us know. The mediator’s fee shall be charged at the rate of $175.00 per hour. There is a two (2) hour minimum mediation session charge, except if a full eight-hour day is reserved which will require a six (6) hour minimum charge, unless the mediator agrees to the contrary in writing.  Fees for review of Pre-Mediation Statements and all other time for mediation services may apply.  For more information contact us. 

Please download the Mediation Intake/Request Form and email the completed form to The MGR Law firm at for scheduling availability and/or request of available dates. We strongly suggest emailing us with at least two proposed dates that ALL parties are available and  have agreed to in order of preference. We will do our best to accommodate you.

If you are unable to download or complete the form, please email us the following information to The MGR Law firm at for scheduling requests:  Case number, Case type, State (FL), County  Case located, Name and Contact information for the Parties and Attorneys,  issues to be Mediated,  two to three preferred mediation dates (if known), and the length of Mediation being requested. Upon receipt of your email, someone from the MGR team will contact you. 

Mrs. Rivera is bilingual in English and Spanish.  

The firm currently handles matters throughout the State of Florida. Currently all Mediation services are via Zoom from the comfort of your chosen location. *In Person Mediations may be accommodated. 


For more information please contact The MGR Firm, PLLC. 

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